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Zaadz | Jeremiah's Blog
Aloha All, Celia's post echoes my sense that December is to time to complete with the past and our attachments while turning to allow our I Am

Eureka: A Prose Poem - Libro - Edgar Allan Poe - Editore Prometheus Books
Eureka: A Prose Poem, Edgar Allan Poe. In this remarkable prose-poem, master storyteller Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) builds on known scientific truths to propound a universe governed by the immutable laws of attraction and repulsion, i.e., expansion and a return to unity. The irascible, vindicative God of the Old Testament and the Deists' Master Clockmaker are routed by Poe's pantheistic World Spirit who, through the force of expansion, is diffused throughout his creation. Moreover, we human beings are all part of this universal spirit and each of us is his own god. The end result of our being is not eternal torment but a return to the primal unity.

... energy, light, gravity, the attraction and repulsion of atomic particles which can be mathematically defined ...

Raeal » Manifesting your Heart’s Desire : The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion
Manifesting your Heart’s Desire : The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion ... The crux of the matter is that the laws of attraction and ...

Understanding and Using Permanent Magnets, Chapter 1
... published the inverse square law of attraction and repulsion between electrical charges and magnetic poles.

» Manifesting your Heart’s Desire : The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion
Manifesting your Heart’s Desire : The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion ... The crux of the matter is that the laws of attraction and ...

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Unit 43 Understanding The Law Of Attraction And Repulsion ... In this unit we will discuss the law of attraction or repulsion.

Hydrodynamic Analogies to Electricity and Magnetism
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Powell's Books - Eureka: A Prose Poem (Literary Classics) by Edgar Allan Poe
In this remarkable prose-poem, master storyteller Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) builds on known scientific truths to propound a universe governed by the immutable laws of attraction and repulsion, i.e., expansion and a return to unity. The irascible, vindicative...

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