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Exclusive Global Launch Release: Bob Procter On Science of Getting Rich

Since the launch of the movie, "The Secret", people all over the world are being introduced to a new concept in making money, and creating the life that they want for themselves. The science of attraction was first formulated by Wallace D. Wattles in the 1910s and then Napoleon Hill in the 1950s. Today, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield have taken this science to a whole new era. 

A special report has just been released that contains a detailed interview with Bob Proctor, the man behind the teachings of The Science Of Getting Rich, and The Laws Of Attraction. Bob began to study the science of getting rich and after 30-40 years of learning, he began teaching it to people all over the world.

In the recent interview with Stephen Price, Bob Proctor had this to say about the program "I maintain, with this program, that we could take a person out of prison, we could take a person off welfare, we could take a person out of school, or we could take a person out of an executive office and we could teach them all the laws of the universe, so they understand how the law of attraction works. And it wouldn’t matter how much the critics rap it, they would understand it, and they would make it work." 

Bob also had this to say about earning money and getting rich "You don’t get rich by doing things, you get rich by doing things a certain way. You will find two people doing the same thing. One's winning, one's not. Well, how do you account for that? Well, that is what we teach in the science of getting rich".

In a recent interview with Cynthia Mc Fadden from nightline, Bob pointed out "You know, the Wright brothers didn’t care that some scientists said you can’t fly. They said, I know I can, I just did." Which is the way that Bob feels with the laws of attraction, and the science of getting rich while successfully demonstrating it to people all over the world for the past 38 years. 

Bob Proctor also believes that the science of getting rich is the most complete program available, on money, how it is earned, what it is for, and how to use it. "See, I think earning money is the most simplest thing in the world once you learn how to do it. But if you don’t know how, and 96% of the population have never learned how, then you say it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t, it's real."

Bob Proctor, and the launch of the movie "The Secret" has generated many followers, such as the site Team members had this vision for their site "1912 Getting Rich Science, The Science Of Getting Rich site was created in anticipation of the global launch of the Law Of Attraction Acceleration on 24 April 2007. Inspired by the film “The Secret”, the 1912 Getting Rich Science Team manifests the vision to contribute to the world community in expanding the awareness of the principles of “The Secret” - The Law Of Attraction."


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