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Law of Attraction: The Effect of Positive Thinking 

We each have our own internal voice, which is shaped in how we listen, talk and have been programmed by early learning experiences, all these occurrences shape our inner voice which in turn influences the way we think, what we are open to believing, and our actions. Therefore, what we send out to the universe is what is returned to us, in accordance to the law of attraction.

The power of positive thinking is something that comes natural for some, for others it is something to be learned.    Nevertheless, we can change our inner voice, if we put our mind and heart to the task, we can shape our inner voice with positive thinking and positive actions.  When applying positive thinking in relationship to the law of attraction, the results are positive manifestations of our will. 

Positive thinking is a lifetime commitment of making your dreams come true by being honest, courteous, kind and up beat with yourself and others.  We learn positive thinking by controlling our thoughts, and actively pushing the negative thoughts out of our minds with the tools of positive thinking. Once we start using the power of positive thinking, we must keep our mind attentive of what is important to us, while keeping sight of our purpose and main concerns in our thoughts and deeds.  Once positive energy is activated naturally, the law of attraction kicks in mode to bring into your life the results of your practice of positive thinking.

Being able to visualize what actions we need to take, and then putting them into practice in our every day life, will enable us to work out our approach when dealing with any problem that might come our way.  Controlled positive thinking can aid us in relaxing within ourselves, which in turn enables us to enjoy the success that we achieve through the law of attraction. 

Along with learning the art of positive thinking there also comes challenges as we work to grow out of the negative thinking process, these are challenges we all face in our own way to reprogram ourselves and our thoughts, we must stay confident in our endeavor to eliminate the negative thoughts within our minds.  As we actively learn positive thinking, we must be willing to modify or develop ourselves each day, giving actions and thoughts our very best possible effort in controlling the outcome to positive thinking. 

We have to meet every new day and situation with the determination of doing our best, while being open to new ideas, situations and people.  If we suffer a bad day, we should not become discouraged, as it is natural to have down days, when this happens we must accept that we are only human and begin again to apply the art of positive thinking and its law of attraction once more.  We must see this as one of our challenges, and a stepping-stone of our growth as we replace negative thoughts with positive thinking and begin enjoying the positive law of attraction. 

By committed and controlled efforts of positive thinking and welcoming the law of attraction into our lives, we begin to transform our inner voice for a better outcome of our thoughts, which then aids us in signs of noticeable enhancement in the way we function and in our energy levels. 

With these improvements comes an uplifting in self-esteem that encourages and enables us to think and perform better which in turn reduces stress as positive thoughts attract thoughts that are even more positive.  Choosing to use positive thinking in turns creates thoughts that are more positive and with those thoughts bring into play positive reality; it is characterized as the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction is a wonderful factor of positive thinking and they compliment each other nicely as positive thinking and the law of attraction are both beneficial energies as like attracts like.  They work on simple principles, yet they must be put into practice by thoughts and performance.

Think for a moment of your being a human magnet, know that which you put forth and send out, is that which you will receive, positive thinking along with positive action will bring to you by the law of attraction, a higher level of self esteem, which aids you in achieving your goals.  In other words, what you think and do is what you are, and what you get from life.  Choosing the best outcome is the better and less stress filled path to tread. 

For example, by use of positive thinking and its law of attraction a person in need, knowing their own talents and qualities which they have already affirmed by positive thought enhances their own positive law of attraction and will enable them to obtain anything they can possibly think to bring to themselves.

In a nutshell, positive thinking along with the law of attraction will help you to create the life resources you desire.  Give to yourself and the world the best that is possible for you to give, and it will return to you, give thanks for the positive thought laws of attraction the circle continues.


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